Monday, November 28, 2016

Shooting with harsh lighting

Shooting in the middle of the day with those harsh shadows that come with the sun is never easy. Although there are many tips out there for shooting in the harsh sunlight, here's one that will help drastically if you're strapped for time.

Use the natural elements around you. For the family shoot I had in the following images; I had to try to balance out making the kids pay attention and laugh, and get that perfect exposure on their faces.

I was able to use the large trees around us as a sun blocker while still being able to get the mountains in the background. The other advantage is that because I was shooting against the sun, the family was turned away from it. Allowing the children to be squint free in the photos!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Shooting (Sneaky) Portraits in the winter!

One of my favourite times of the year to shoot is during the winter season. Especially when you’re lucky enough to get a fresh sheet of snow covering pretty much everything! However, nothing can beat a sneaky proposal shoot right after that snow has come down.

Getting that special element of surprise on her face is the best thing a photographer could capture. It’s raw, and it’s natural. The fact that she doesn’t know I’m there (yet) helps as well. 

Once she realised I was there and ready to take an engagement session these two loosened up and were such a fun couple to shoot. They were up for any of my ideas I had; whether it was throwing snow balls at each other, standing under a tree while snow was falling from it, making snow angels, or even a big dramatic kiss at the end.

The fun thing about those kinds of ideas is that you really get to see them having fun and acting how they usually would when they’re around each other. You get those genuine smiles in between instead of all posed shots.

They even had some ideas of their own, such as taking photos with all the snowmen around the lake! 

Comment with some of your favourite winter shoot stories/ideas!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weddings by Banff Photography; Josephine & Fox

This couple was no less than wonderful to photograph!

One of my favourite Ultimate 120 packages, with Josephine and Fox, allowed us the opportunity to shoot at the Banff Springs Fairmont, Vermillion Lakes and Chateau Lake Louise.

Originally from the Edmonton area, Josephine is now living in Hong Kong and their marriage seems like something out of a fairytale. 

One of the best ideas I've heard for location wedding photos is Josephine's purchase of a second wedding dress. While this isn't the dress she married in, she brought another dress that she wouldn't have to worry about travelling with or dry cleaning later!

Fox was incredibly sweet on her for the entire portrait session, making sure she was warm in between photos and making her laugh for her individual pictures. They were both absolutely stunning and love each other so much that it really came through in the photographs.

Josephine and Fox shared all their photos with family and friends when they returned home, and the reaction of all their loved ones was complete adoration and jealousy of the gorgeous images.

We did get caught in the rain a few times, but the addition of an umbrella made for some moody and dramatic scenes.

It just goes to show, when two people love each other as much as these guys the photos will be absolutely beautiful no matter what the weather decides to do!